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Easter Vigil

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The Easter Vigil is a multisensory celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. From beginning to end there is a striking movement from darkness to light, fasting to feasting, grief to gladness, old to new, and death to life. It is a journey that begins with Creation, recalling God’s redemptive acts in history, and climaxing in the greatest triumph over sin, evil, and death—the Resurrection.

Our celebration will begin on the church patio around a fire. From there, we process into the church with candles, we remember our Baptism by being sprinkled from the Font, and we receive Christ’s Body and Blood in Holy Communion. We taste, see, hear, touch, smell, and experience the goodness of God during this special service.

The Easter Vigil is the third of three services beginning with Maundy Thursday, continuing Good Friday, and culminating on the Saturday evening before Easter Sunday. Please join us for this beautiful and powerful service!

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Good Friday Service

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Good Friday continues our observance of the holy three days (Triduum) as we prepare for the risen Christ. The name may come from an older name, "God's Friday," but it is certainly GOOD. It’s not a day to feel sorry for Jesus because of his suffering and death. It is a day to feel good because of the good gifts Christ won for us on this day.

This is also a time we hear St. John's unique account of the crucifixion which is sometimes sung by the choir. The service does not end in a benediction or closure because the service continues the following day at dusk for the Vigil of Easter.

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Maundy Thursday Service

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Maundy Thursday occurs on the eve of our Lord’s crucifixion, ushering in the holy three days (Triduum) of preparation for the Resurrection of our Lord (Easter). During this service, we commemorate the institution of the Lord's Supper (Holy Communion) and Christ's commandment that we should love one another as he has loved us; the word "Maundy" refers to this mandate.

Toward the end of the service, the altar is stripped—furniture, vessels, and adornments are removed—just as Jesus was stripped before his crucifixion. This prepares us for Good Friday, the continuation of the three-days, culminating with the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead during our Easter Vigil.

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Palm Sunday Service

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Palm Sunday begins what is traditionally called Holy Week. Also called "Passion Sunday," this service begins with the procession of palms and reflects the contrasting attitudes toward Jesus that were on display during the days leading up to his crucifixion. What begins with "Hosanna!" (Lord, save us) will end with "Crucify, crucify!" We will hear a longer, dramatic portion of the sufferings and death of Jesus this day. 

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Ash Wednesday Services

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Please join us for one or all three opportunities to worship today: 7AM, 12PM, 7PM.

On Ash Wednesday, those who wish, receive the imposition of ashes. This ancient act is a gesture of repentance and a powerful reminder about the meaning of the day. Ashes can symbolize dust-to-dustness and remind worshipers of the need for cleansing, scrubbing, purifying, and humility.

The use of ashes on Ash Wednesday is a more recent custom among Lutheran congregations although some have done it for decades. The pastor takes the ashes on the end of his thumb and makes the sign of the cross on the forehead of each worshiper, saying these words: "Remember: you are dust, and to dust you shall return." The sign of the Cross reminds us that our salvation rests in Christ alone, and assurance that we have forgiveness and eternal life through him.

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