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Reformation Sunday: 500th Anniversary Celebration

Join us this Sunday as we observe the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We will be singing a new hymn commissioned especially for this celebration.

Jesus, Author of Salvation - A Hymn for the Festival of the Reformation

The idea for a commissioned piece to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation came from Sara Dornacker, a faithful member of First Saint Paul’s congregation and of First Saint Paul’s Choir. Sara was actively involved in many aspects of service to others, especially to those in greatest need, and had a true vision of the church as a changer of society. She understood the importance of the upcoming anniversary and supported the venture with a gift that made the commissioning possible.

Dr. David Rogner, a current member of First Saint Paul's and the church choir, was asked to write a text that reflected the Reformation Solas: grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone, with Christ at the center. Dr. Rogner’s text emphasizes a traditional Reformation message in a personal and devotional way. The message of the Reformation in “Jesus, Author of Salvation” is less upon the ‘church militant’ than upon reminding us that the truths Luther preached during the Reformation are still working to reform the hearts and lives of individual believers today.

Robert A. Hobby, an acclaimed composer and an active church musician serving Trinity English Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, composed the tune. He is a frequent performer and clinician and has had many national leadership roles in professional and church activities.

Sara Dornacker died in the Lord on February 8, 2015. To honor her life of faith, dedicated service to her Lord, her leadership and her vision, the tune of this hymn-anthem has been named "Dornacker." We thank God for the grace and blessing that He provided to so many through Sara’s life.