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Battle of the gods: Lent mid-week series


Please join us for one or all three opportunities to worship with us today:

7AM - Holy Communion
12PM - Bible Study and BYO lunch
7PM - Evening Prayer

The goal of this series is to have a life-changing encounter with the true and living God through key Scriptures. We can understand the uniqueness of our Triune God better in contrast to man-made religion. The gods of this world come from human imagination; true religion defies and transcends imagination. In this series, we will not only identify but also celebrate who God is for us.

Together, we will re-experience the creation account, the Exodus, and other biblical events through a new lens—false religion. This will not swell us up in pride but help us grow in faith and thanksgiving for the true and living God.

We welcome you to join in our lively discussion.

March 13 Creator: Mesopotamian gods vs. YHWH
Genesis 1:1-5,14-19,26-28; 2:1-3

March 20 Redeemer: Egyptian gods vs. YHWH
Psalm 78

March 27 Sovereign: Canaanite gods vs. YHWH
1 Kings 18:20-40

April 3 Savior: Babylonian gods vs. YHWH
Daniel 3

April 10 Father: Hellenistic gods vs. Jesus Christ
Acts 17:16-34