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Adult Bible Study: Another Reformer...Casiodoro de Reina

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As we celebrate this 500th year of the Lutheran Reformation, there are certainly many names of great reformers of that era that form part of our collective ecclesial memory: Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Melanchthon, to name a few. These reformers were certainly a great part of the reformation movement still honored by churches that look back to northern Europe.

This Bible Study, presented by Rev. Dr. Douglas Groll, is an opportunity to learn about another Lutheran Reformer, the Spaniard, Casiodoro de Reina (1520-1594). Lesser known to many, de Reina is known throughout the Spanish-speaking world as the Patriarch of Hispanic Protestantism. There is much to be said about him, principally about his role as the father of modern Spanish language versions of the Bible.

Our discussion will concentrate specifically on the route to the first publication of the Spanish language Bible in 1569. We will focus on this Bible because an original First Edition (extremely rare and worth around $60,000) will be on display at Concordia University in October as a part of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

We welcome all to show up, ask questions and experience the journey.